Leyda Consulting, Inc.
Expert Ecological Consulting, Design, & Education
Professional Wetland Scientist
Certified Ecologist
Certified Permaculture Designer

Committed to environmental protection, LCI provides top-level consulting in a competitive market for a reasonable price.  LCI works only for clients who want to protect, preserve, or restore the environment.

Past clients include environmental groups, legal firms, state government, watershed councils, university, and a nature center.

12 Years Experience Across the US:
Litigation Support
Ecological Expert Resources
Permit Opposition
Wetland & Riparian Restoration Design
Restoration Permitting
Wetland Delineation, Functional Assessment
Policy Consulting (WA GMA, CAO, SMP)
Wetland Planning for Public Officials
Hydrology Modeling for Constructed Wetlands
Permaculture Design
Environmental Education & Outreach
Contract Teaching

LCI offers courses on wetland ecology and other natural history topics nationwide.

"When the waters are polluted
Only then will you discover you cannot eat money."
- Cree Proverb
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